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The Grapefruit Warning I know this post does not exactly fit in with humanitarian causes. However, it is one of those things where the spread of information could save a life. I personally have medications with this warning on it. I did not quite know how seriously to take the warning. My doctor mentioned nothing about the […]

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The Illegal Organ Trade

Illegal organ trading, specfically that of kidneys, has slowing been appearing on the radars of Americans since the late 1990s. Before then it was issue that was laregly reported on in countries below the equator in South America-if it was an issue reported on at all. Much of the knowledge we have today comes from […]

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Pardon The Interruption

I’m baaaaaaaaaacccckkkkkk!!!!! Let me just start with my shock on how much spring cleaning I have to do around this place!!!! Apparently, spam has been targeting my website. I am thankful to my past self for making sure my security for spam was on point before I did anything else on here. The public cannot […]

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Greed Versus Illness

On my way to work this past Friday morning a question came to mind. If we could eliminate either greed OR illness, which one would we choose? I am sort of fuzzy on where my thought process was that morning and how I came to that question. I just remember feeling really struck with how […]

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Hope Can Be A Four Letter Word

** I Typed In “Hanging Out” into Google Images and Got “Zombie Hang Out” Hmmmmm.**** Yup. Today was one of “those” days. It was not one of “those” days that you would usually expect while going through a difficult time in your life. Nope. It was one of “those” days where you go to sleep […]

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The rewards of volunteering: two perspectives

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The WWF! And I’m Not Talkin’ About Wrestling

 The WWF: The World Wildlife Fund Today I set out to explore a topic I was not well acquainted with. In trying to practice what I preach, I stepped out of my comfort zone to look into what is out there on the environment. I say I love nature. I own the Planet Earth DVDs […]

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